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A few testimonials from our members!

For more than one decade has been offering its services. The following is a sampling of comments we have received from our subscribers:

  • The original provider of the famous Smart Money Flow Index for Bloomberg Professional: SMART <Index> <GO>
  • "Thanks to all your hard work I have really learned a lot from you analysis! Can't wait to read your next comment. I'm really stumped now" James, Atlanta
  • "I subscribed to your website a few days ago, and am thrilled with the excellent assortment of technical indicators that you provide, along with your weekly analysis .." Pete, Ohio
  • "I am happy to renew for the powerful information that you provide at an extremely reasonable cost" David, California
  • "Wow! ...your market timing indicators have worked out very well for trading both stock and options. Thank you for your response...this is a stellar service!" Halbert, NY
  • "Thanks so much for your excellent service" Richard, Washington
  • " I really appreciate the new charts - they are exactly what I was looking for ... and your response was so immediate. I am very impressed! And very grateful. I am a contented customer. Thanks", Joe, NY
heading_blank_indicator is a certified partner of Seeking Alpha.

Since January 2014 is a certified partner of Seeking Alpha. Follow us on Seeking Alpha and read our award winning articles.


What is Seeking Alpha saying about the certificate?
"Seeking Alpha addresses these issues by carefully selecting its contributors and requiring them to adhere to objective compliance standards. Before an author is accepted as a Seeking Alpha contributor, our editors read his/her past articles to evaluate their quality".


heading_blank_bulletlink Bullet_link_Free indicator per month: Global Equity Options Call/Put Ratio Oscillator Visit our articles section on Seeking Alpha
heading_blank_bulletlink heading_blank_bulletlink heading_blank_bulletlink is a certified partner of Seeking Alpha.
heading_blank_indicator is the official Bloomberg source for the Smart Money Flow Index

In 1997 WallStreet Courier presented the Smart Money Flow Index to the investment community. WallStreet Courier was the first to develop the Smart Money Flow Index and is to be known as the official source for the Bloomberg Professional Service until today. The Bloomberg Professional Service is available 24 hours a day to more than 260,000 market professionals in over 100 countries. Enclosed is a screenshot of our Smart Money Flow Index published by Bloomberg. is the official Bloomberg source for the Smart Money Flow Index

Bloomberg nominates's Smart Money Flow Index as "Chart of the day"

On Sept. 29th 2011, our Smart Money Flow Index was nominated as "Chart of the day" on Bloomberg Professional.


Bloomberg nominates's Smart Money Flow Index as "Chart of the day"
Source: Bloomberg Professional, 29. Sept. 2011
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